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    Home-News- Industry News-What are the surface treatment methods of warehouse rack shelves?

    What are the surface treatment methods of warehouse rack shelves?

    291 Jul 03-2023
    1. Galvanized: Protect the shelf from corrosion by coating the surface of the shelf with a layer of zinc. Galvanized shelves are bright in color and not easy to corrode, but the price is relatively high.

    2. Spraying: the powder is sprayed on the surface of the shelf rack, and after high temperature treatment, a hard surface is formed, so that the shelf has the functions of anti-corrosion, anti-bacteria and wear resistance. Plastic spray shelves rack have a wide range of applications, rich colors and moderate prices.

    3. Electrostatic spraying: similar to plastic spraying, the difference is that the spraying method uses electrostatic adsorption to adhere the powder to the surface of the shelf. Electrostatic spraying shelves have good quality and long service life, but the price is higher.

    4. Plastic dipping: The shelf is immersed in liquid plastic to form a protective film to prevent the surface of the shelf from being damaged, and at the same time have functions such as heat preservation and moisture resistance. However, due to the relatively complicated process of dipping, the price of dipping shelves is relatively high.

    5. Sprinkle powder: Sprinkle a layer of powder on the surface of the shelf. This treatment method can not only make the shelf anti-corrosion, but also beautify the surface of the shelf, and the price is relatively low.